Dojo CLI commands

The Dojo CLI is a tool to use outside the Dojo ecosystem to execute Dojo models. You can install it anywhere Docker is installed and execute all models registered to Dojo with custom parameters. It’s commands are:

Command Description Example Usage
dojo describe Print a description of the model dojo describe --model=Population-Model
dojo listmodels List available models dojo listmodels
dojo outputs Print descriptions of the output and accessory files produced by a model dojo outputs --model=Topoflow
dojo parameters Print the parameters required to run a model dojo parameters --model=CHIRPS-Monthly
dojo results Get the results of a model finished running detached dojo results --name=dojo-mymodel20211225133418
dojo runmodel Run a model dojo runmodel --model="CHIRPS-Monthly" --params='{"month": "09", "year": "2016", "bounding_box": "[[33.512234, 2.719907], [49.98171,16.501768]]"}'
dojo versions List all versions of a model dojo versions --model=CHIRPS-Monthly

Note: Further dojo-cli documentation