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Model Registration Video Tutorials


In this video series we walk through registering a model to Dojo using the MaxHop locust hopper presence prediction model as our use case. This model is written in R but most any model can be registered to Dojo as long as it can be run in a Debian environment. Check out our model registration documentation for more detail.

Getting started

Model Metadata Capture

Here we walk through the Dojo model metadata capture process.

Model Installation

Here we walk through the steps you should take to install your model and verify a successful installation.

Model Configuration

Here we walk through how to annotate a model configuration file.

Dojo Utilities

Here we explain the core Dojo utilities that can be leveraged during the installation process.

Model Execution Directive

Here we explain how to annotate your model's execution command.

Handling Output Files

Here we describe how to teach Dojo where the model's output files are written and how to make use of them.

Model Accessories

Here we show how to annotate arbitrary accessory files that your model may produce such as images, maps, or videos.

Finalizing the Model Registration

Here we recap our process and ensure the model is finalized and sent to Dojo.

Publishing your Model

The final step in the process is to publish the model. This notifies Dojo's sister system, Causemos, that the model is available for use.