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Dojo Terminal commands

There are a handful of Dojo specific commands that you must use inside the Dojo containerization environment/terminal emulator to successfully register your model.

$ dojo
dojo command line utility

dojo [command]

Available Commands:
annotate tags an output file and opens the web output file annotation tool
config Opens the web configuration file annotation tool
edit Edit this file in the web editor
help Help about any command
tag Tags an output accessory file such as an image or video
version Print Version

-h, --help help for dojo
-v, --verbose verbose output

Use "dojo [command] --help" for more information about a command.

Example usage:

dojo annotate:

$ dojo annotate Output_Files/

dojo config:

$ dojo config calibrate_cfg_files/calibrate_Ankush.cfg 
Opening config for calibrate_cfg_files/calibrate_Ankush.cfg

dojo edit:

$ dojo edit TopoFlow_Calibration_Baro_at_Masha.ipynb 
Launching editor /home/clouseau/topoflow36/TopoFlow_Calibration_Baro_at_Masha.ipynb

dojo tag:

$ dojo tag images/Akado1_2016-10-10_Google_Earth.png "Akado 1, 10.10.2016"
Tagged images/Akado1_2016-10-10_Google_Earth.png